Aluminum Hydroxide

1High whiteness aluminum hydroxide for filler (Carbonating process)

High whiteness(Reputated as China White), low oil absorption, good stability at room temperature  and dehydrated to alumina while heating, to make the products have the function of flame retardant. Its a good flame retardant filler because that no toxic and corrosive gases were generated in thermal decomposition.It's widely used in the solid surface, mould plastics, epoxy potting compound and other composite materials.


2、Aluminum Hydroxide for Filler (Seeding process)

It is produced by precipitaion method with the sodium aluminate solution from sintering process as the seeds, its characteristics - Slow decomposition rate, complete crystallization,low    impurity,high intensity and Good transparency.

It has the texture properties of jade, which can be used as superior filler in the solid surface, crafts and other composites.


3、Extra fine Aluminum Hydroxide

Super fine aluminum hydroxide was generated from high purity sodium aluminate solution by precipitation process, with the characteristics of fine particle size, high whiteness and purity.

it's widely used as the insulator, flame retardant and filler in cable, rubber, foam insulation, silastic paper-making and PVC industries. image.png 

4、Low viscosity aluminum hydroxide filler

This product is the special process in production of low viscosity aluminum hydroxide filler, good particle morphology, the reasonable particle size distribution and low viscosity, is mainly used in BMC/SMC and other extrusion and mould plastics, thermosetting insulation board, electrical insulation materials, grille, gold plate, industrial use of artificial stone slab back glue, potting and carpet etc.


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